Why should you adopt a dog?

//Why should you adopt a dog?

Why should you adopt a dog?

The main message of Once There Was a Giant is to Adopt a Dog or Give to your local animal shelter.

There are thousands of dogs out there that need families. They will bring great joy and unconditional love to your life.

The filming of Once There Was a Giant has been an incredible journey for me as a writer. It started as a memorial film to an amazing dog that was going to pass away far before his time. But through dozens of interviews with Portland Dog Owners, I found myself discovering a deeper truth.

I asked most them two simple questions:

  • Can you tell me about the Dog that changed your life?
  • We have 10X a dog’s lifespan. Why do you think we dog owners (I do it too) go through such heart wrenching loss only to pick up and get another dog?

On the second question, not one dog owner could put their reason into words. It was like they never considered the question at all in their entire lives.

In this film, you’ll hear me say:

I think the reason these pets keep coming into our lives is to remind us of who we truly are. 

In the end, what greater gift could there ever be?

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