Welcome to Our Dogumentary

//Welcome to Our Dogumentary

Welcome to Our Dogumentary

Welcome to our “Dogumentary!” Once there was a Giant is the story of Jax, a lovable pit bull mix with a big heart. We rescued Jax three years ago and he has changed our lives with remarkable capacity for love.

Jax loves everybody, especially other dogs. His best days on earth are spent at the dog park running and playing keep-away and tug of war.

We don’t know exactly when Jax got cancer, but in early 2018 he started shaking and having pain fits. A biopsy showed us that he had a malignant tumor behind his left eye.

These things are inoperable in dogs, and we were told he only had a few months.

My girlfriend Dawn did some research and got him on some Chinese Medicine: herbs, no-carbs, and CBD to reduce the inflammation. For six months, his symptoms went away.

Now the tumor is bulging out under his skin between his eyes. It’s time to make the movie while we still can.

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