Back Story of Once there was a Giant

//Back Story of Once there was a Giant

Back Story of Once there was a Giant

“Once there was a Giant” is a short documentary film about Dogs and the Dog Owners who love them, but the backstory of the film is something very personal to me as a writer.

When I was 12 years old, I was reading all the science fiction I could get my hands on: Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and even Stanislaw Lem. And then I found this book by Keith Laumer called “Once there was a Giant.” It was so magical that it made me want to be a writer.

In the story, an astronaut crashes on an ice planet and finds himself facing certain death. Then a 12-foot local being saves him even though the man has come there to assassinate him to make way for planet colonists. Not to spoil things for you, but the Giant dies in the process of saving the man in a selfless way that shook me to my very core. What compassion for others!

To me, that is the story of Jax.

The book ends with this line, something so well done that I found myself re-reading this story over and over to see how Keith Laumer got there.

“It’s a big, impersonal Universe, and little men crave the thing that will give them stature against the loom of stars.

But in the world where once there was a giant, the rest of us are forever pygmies.”

– Keith Laumer from his short story “Once There Was A Giant.”

Today I am a very successful tech journalist covering the High Performance Computing Industry, but none of that might have happened without that one book.

Though Keith Laumer died in 1993, his estate has granted me permission to use his words as the opening of my film. I am so grateful!

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