Goodbye, Jax. We Love You Very Much

//Goodbye, Jax. We Love You Very Much

Goodbye, Jax. We Love You Very Much

On September 24, 2018, Jax passed away quietly at home with his humans by his side. We finished shooting the film just two days prior, and if you watch the movie trailer, you’ll see his last scene:

Jax and I are in front of Muu-Muus World Cafe in Portland. We get up to leave, and I kneel down to pet Jax because I know his head is really hurting. The pain meds just aren’t working any more.   For the very first time since we got him, Jax high-fives me out of nowhere without me prompting him. You can see I’m surprised in the scene as I high-five him back.

You hear me say this as we walk off:

“Jax’s immune system continues to fight the demons that will surely vanquish him.

Call me foolish, but I’m betting on the Giant!”

That is the end of the movie. Roll the credits and queue up the Bruce Springsteen song, If I should fall behind.

A Peaceful End

We are lucky to have this pet euthanasia service here in Portland, and the amazing vet that came to our home spent a long time giving Jax love and affection before he went to sleep.

They say leaving this world is easy. Saying goodbye is hard.

Justin, Todd, and Tanya and I buried Jax up on Mount Hood in the town of Welches. My good friend Gunnar is making a brass grave marker that will last forever, but in the meantime, we made an old-fashioned cross from sticks and twine.

For some reason, my car had this Black Lives Matters foam core sign in the back. When I was shooting the photo of the cross, it was not showing up very well, so I put the sign there for some contrast. Somehow, I think it needs to stay.

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