Once there was a Giant is a short documentary film about Dogs and the Dog Owners who love them. Written and Directed by Richard Brueckner, this film premiered on Oct. 31, 2018 at Cinema21 in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a big, impersonal Universe, and little men crave the thing that will give them stature against the loom of stars.

But in the world where once there was a giant, the rest of us are forever pygmies.”

– Keith Laumer from his short story “Once There Was A Giant.”

Designed from the beginning as a fundraiser for the Multnomah County Animal ShelterOnce There Was a Giant centers around Jax, a wonderful dog who is battling cancer. Jax is only 5 years old, and the film Director wanted to do something good to benefit the shelter where Jax came from. You can read the Full Back-Story in our Blog.

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